Bringing the outdoors in

thumb_IMG_0062_1024With moving into a new apartment, I found that bringing something living into the space can really breathe new life into what seemed like a stuffy top floor apartment. I love dogs, but am not looking for a furry friend to carry down the three flights of stairs to go to the bathroom every 10 minutes–at least not right now. Rodents were out of the question, and fish I don’t find much amusement from. The next, best option was plants! I have always loved plants, my dad is a biologist, so plants and nature were always a part of my childhood. However, I was a little nervous since my last attempt to grow a succulent in college failed miserably! I decided to put the past in the past and attempt to find my green thumb.

Since I moved into my apartment in the middle of Winter, going to a plant nursery wasn’t really an option. So, I got in my car and drove to the closest Home Depot. I went in thinking I was going to come out with a little succulent I could put on my window sill and instead came out with a 2 foot tall Sansevieria (aka “Mother-in-Law Tongue” or “Snake Plant”). The pot is from Hobby Lobby and I believe was around $6-7.


One plant was apparently not enough, because a week later I found myself at Lowe’s this time–in the plant section. I came away not purchasing just one, not two, but three more plants.

The first is this one. It’s some sort of succulent. I am sort of over the whole succulent craze. I still like them, I’m just not quite as obsessed with them as I use to be. This one however, just looked fun and different from others I’ve seen or had. I’m not sure what the type of succulent this is, so if anyone knows-let me know! The little pot the succulent is in is from the dollar aisle at Target ages ago.

I also purchased an Aloe Vera plant. I like that this plant is small but has significant height for its size. It’s also nice to have around in case of sunburns! The pot I found at a Goodwill a few years ago. (Ignore the ugly wall plug in the background).


Lastly, I also got a “Bird of Paradise” plant. Lowe’s had some bigger versions of this plant that were about 3-4′ tall with massive leaves. I fell in love. But the big ones were almost $30. I was debating getting one, but then I found this smaller plant. This one was significantly smaller and the leaves are still pretty small, but it was only $10. I decided to go for it. Since the plant itself was cheaper, I decided I could then get a really cute pot for it. I picked this one up while at Lowe’s for $14. Hopefully, the plant grows well in my apartment and will eventually be the size of the ones I fell in love with!

All of these plants are pretty low maintenance which is good for me. None require daily watering. I water the Bird of Paradise the most and that is probably around 2 times a week if I remember. The others I water once a week or once every 2 weeks. All of them do well with having only partial sunlight. My apartment south-ish so I don’t get the best sunlight.

Don’t count fake plants out either! I have some fake sprigs of eucalyptus in vases throughout my apartment. I got mine at JoAnns but I know you can get them at most craft stores that sell artificial plants/flowers. These days there are some really good fakes out there, especially plants. They are a great option to get the look that plants bring to your home without the worry of killing them!

I still have a few plants on my wish list that I’m after. If I get any I’ll be sure to post about them! Happy plant hunting!





Bringing the outdoors in

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